Prague … whimsical moments in this incredible city with my hubby, Collin Allin, we shared beautiful moment engraved in our hearts forever.

We explored Prague by foot, mostly – in our #RunTastic ways early in the morning, with barely any tourists out & about, we ate lunch at the market on the street, enjoying craft beers + deer & wild boar sausages plus one of my ultimate favorite foods: freshly picked cherries.

We managed to get lost for hours in the art exhibition featuring iconic craftsmen – Salvador Dali, graphic artist and master of design, Alfons Mucha – and to top it off the ever so RockStar/celebrity interviewer & artist , Andy Warhol.

Prague is filled with incredible museums of various interests & genres – too much to mention, but all worth a visit depending on how much time you have & your own personal interest.


Prague is breathtakingly beautiful in so many ways.

No words or pictures could do it justice… maybe #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious would kinda do! If you haven’t been – make a note to visit.

Prague will enchant you with incredible art & architecture, history…icons of fashion, poetry, literature, design and sooooo much more! 😊👌🏽the food is delicious & the beer + coffee = Great! 👌🏽❤️💛💙

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