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Personal Touch...

In the crazy busy days we live in… you want honest opinions, great advice and someone that will listen to you.  Hear you.  Help you.  

Become the motivation you need in your life – become the person that inspires the rest.

Everything you need to Know about KDC



Coaching the three disciplines of Triathlon since 2012.
Helping athletes, like you, find the program and training schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle exactly.

Personal inspiration

It's natural to gravitate towards some individuals to lead & inspire us.
A good coach will instill & inspire discipline, consistency and improved long term results... and progressive results will follow, leading to longevity.
Trust your coach...always.

Your Journey

Life is too short to be unhappy, unfulfilled or unchallenged. To progress in anything in need someone to push you outside your comfort zone - you need someone to observe and help you alter your path to greater things.
A coach can do this.

Be Inspired Be The Change Believe in Yourself

What others say about KDC

"I felt connected to Hildy from the first time we met - I wanted her to help me find more practical solutions to training and reaching my fitness goals.
״I am so very happy with my recent results. I signed up for a trail running program - focusing on a trail race in the mountains of Italy.
I nailed the race, loved every moment and the journey was worth it.
Hard work, but loved every step.

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