Social Media Landscape in Qatar

Social Media in Qatar

Don’t fool yourself  and think you can Google internet and social media statistics and directly apply the information to Qatar!  The country is small & unique in many ways…especially when it come to the Digital Landscape, inducing Social Media and digital marketing.


Firstly it is important to know that the Qatari audience is only about 2,3 million people, of which roughly about 25% is female.  Most of the top tier influencers own 2 – 3 smart phones and use the devices mainly for social media, news and communication purposes;  which involve business use too. The younger generation (around 16 to 24 years old) mostly plug-in to Snapchat and Instagram.  The real workforce person mostly use Twitter for news and pleasure and Instagram for the more personal focus.  Facebook use is still declining and its more evident that non-Arab speaking expats are the actual audience in Qatar that uses the biggest platform in the world, Facebook.

In a world audience perspective of 4 billion Internet users – Qatar is a spec in the pool of fish. But it has to be said that Qatar shares the highest penetration rate in the world.   Total population Dec 2017 was 2,65 million people & if you know what you are doing with social media marketing and strategy – you have access to 2,3 million people at your fingertips!

Traditional mass communication media is still the favourite here – and digital market is about to boom!  If you take into account how little online stores and online ordering options there are – it sets the tone for the benchmark of the digital landscape here.

In 2018 I plan on getting a lot more hands-on involved in coaching & conferences detailing and teaching Social Media basics to the eager beans here in Doha, Qatar.  From the different platforms to the etiquette and correct audience to building a target specific strategy to tackle and execute a successful and competent digital persona;  for the individual and the corporations or small businesses out there.

Digital marketing and Social Media is the future of sales!  It is certainly an exciting era of knowing your customers personally and with a healthy and strong social community – any business will create brand advocates, which will bring sales and add to your bottom line.