Post Workout Nutrition…Why Bother?

Why don’t you shoot yourself in the foot…I mean that literally!  If you do not focus on nutrition to fuel the most important part of the training process…why are you even training!?

Performance improvement/progression depends on a program of exercises (triathlon & strength training plan) that stimulates cardiovascular and muscular adaptation/improvement – followed by a recovery period – in which the body rebuilds itself, slightly fitter and better as it was before!

Fruits are the perfect recovery food...the fructose (sugar) in fruit will restore your glycogen storage with great natural components!
Start your morning off healthy…it will set the trend for the rest of the day!

Poor Post Race/Workout nutrition will hamper your progression, could negatively impact an injury and certainly will not help you to reach your goals!

  • Whey Protein shake within 20 mins of ending your workout – proven in medical studies to be the best lean muscle building protein.  Protein supplies amino acids necessary to maximise glycogen storage potential.  Protein also re-builds and repairs muscle tissue and supports an optimal immune system… (who wakes up with a sore throat every morning when they train hard??!)
  • Carbohydrate replenishment 30 – 60mins after you end your workout – ensures you take advantage of high glycogen synthase activity – maximising your muscle glycogen stores.
  • Ideally we want to consume 30 – 90 grams of Complex Carbs and 10 – 30 grams  of Protein after a workout with the ratio 3:1 for Carbs to Protein.  (The latter varies per size of the individual and race/training intensity, time and distance.)

    West Coast Warm Water Weekend Triathlon
    Photo Credit Chris Hitchcock

Electrolyte Supplementation for Endurance Athletes

Electrolyte supplementation is equally important to Calorie intake & control when competing in any endurance event.

Weather factors on race/training day plays a big role, plus carefully consider what the rest of your nutrition plan holds!  Especially if the weather will be hot or much hotter than what you are used to train in.

Electrolytic minerals to maintain smooth performance of vital functions – such as muscle contraction.

Muscle Cramps/Spasms linked via medical research to electrolyte insufficiency.

Sodium (Salt) mis-used or overused often! Don’t fall in the trap and eat copious amount of salt tablets…salt is just one of the minerals!

A balance blend of minerals is key to great performance – plus the coordinated dose or amount that your body needs. Look out for Endurance electrolyte products that cover the full spectrum

When you cramp…its too late! (Don’t wait until the engine seize and then add oil!)