The Reason…

What is your Why?! Why are you choosing the sport you do?! I like to call it… Chasing my Dragon! Your reason could be to beat depression or because of a dear friend battling cancer, it could be much simpler and be because you love being outdoors smelling the roses… what matters is that YOU […]

Post Workout Nutrition…Why Bother?

Why don’t you shoot yourself in the foot…I mean that literally!  If you do not focus on nutrition to fuel the most important part of the training process…why are you even training!? Performance improvement/progression depends on a program of exercises (triathlon & strength training plan) that stimulates cardiovascular and muscular adaptation/improvement – followed by a […]

Endurance Sports Calorie Intake

We often believe we should try and replace all the calories, fluids and fuel we will burn during the race… your body cannot not replenish calories as fast as it can expel calories! 120 – 150 Calories needed per hour /70kg Male Athlete Always think – least amount of calorie consumption to do the best […]

Electrolyte Supplementation for Endurance Athletes

Electrolyte supplementation is equally important to Calorie intake & control when competing in any endurance event. Weather factors on race/training day plays a big role, plus carefully consider what the rest of your nutrition plan holds!  Especially if the weather will be hot or much hotter than what you are used to train in. Electrolytic […]