Endurance Sports Calorie Intake

We often believe we should try and replace all the calories, fluids and fuel we will burn during the race… your body cannot not replenish calories as fast as it can expel calories!

120 – 150 Calories needed per hour /70kg Male Athlete

Always think – least amount of calorie consumption to do the best job! You will race better and faster.

During an Ironman race the aim is to try an replace about 30% to 50% of the calories you burn.

During a Triathlon an average male athlete will burn approximately 800 – 100 calories per hour; females on average burn around 500 – 800 Calories per hour.

Test – test – test your nutrition before your big race.  There is no short cuts – if not tested – best not to experiment on race day.   Remember that a whole lot of factors can influence your Nutrition Plan on Race Day =>  Think of all the weather conditions, especially heat & wind!  Your quality of sleep will inevitably make a huge difference to how your race will go – influencing not only your mental but also physical performance.  Race day nerves is also an important factor to take into account;  when nervous, for instance its not a great idea to add more caffeine to the equation…

Many things can all influence your calorie needs on race day…try to have a plan A, B and C.  

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